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Looking for an experienced firm to handle your communications needs?

Adickman Communications is a full-service advertising agency ready to partner with you on your new media and broadcast tactics.  Our clients include small and medium-sized businesses health systems and medical centers, physician practices and long-term care facilities.

Some of Our Recent Work


Although it can be called many things, the bottom line is that we get people talking about you, visiting your website and recognizing the value of your brand.

We bring a balance of both tradition and new media insight and support.

Traditional Media


Our traditional media experience spans several decades of campaign development and creative direction across all platforms: print, broadcast, outdoor and direct mail.

New Media


Our new media services target online consumers and stakeholders through an array of tactics: website design, content development, banner ads and e-marketing.

We’re at our best when we’re helping our clients develop or improve their brand through a balanced mix of media, design and placement that spans multiple channels and settings.

Healthcare Focus

Healthcare is a complex industry that requires a deeper marketing understanding behind the consumer needs of patients and physicians – as we sell services consumers hope they never need and build strong connections to clinical excellence before illness strikes. Our 25 years of healthcare experience has established Adickman Communications as a leading agency in the New York/New Jersey region for all forms of medical and health related fields.